Professional and Studio Work Portfolio

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Converting the former Steel Heddle complex into a multi-tenant business park has given new life to an old industrial complex and allowed a coffee importer to find a home for its offices and education facilities. They host brewing analysis and coffee tasting classes, along with day to day operations from office spaces to coffee roasting. This space has been transformed into a multipurpose space that meets the clients needs.



Filling a need...


Expanding the Classic Ace Hardware into Mauldin, SC, reaching a new customer market and filling the void for a hardware store within the City limits. This new location gives customers an alternate destination besides busy Woodruff Road. The helpful staff, open layout allow customers to find what they are looking for...and more. This project was taken from shell through construction administration.



Lessons learned...


Working alongside the school committee of the Mennonite Community in Waynesboro, GA on the creation of their new K-12 school facility. Coordinating with engineers in both South Carolina and Georgia, while also meeting the requirements of Burke County and the Georgia State Fire Marshal's office was a challenge. Hosting various progress meetings and working closely with the Fire Marshal to meet the needs of the community.



Reclaiming the wonder...


As a nation we have moved away from the celebration of food, family and wellness in favor of food as a necessity for survival and no longer as a ritual festivity...this exploration will look at our food past and present in order to reestablish the wonder and celebration that can come from sitting down at the table with family and friends. The purpose of this project was to create a farmers market in the food desert that is downtown New Haven CT. This community center not only served as a place to purchase food, but an educational facility for the community on what it means to eat healthy.


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Creating an urban destination...


Centre Point is a landmark building that pierces the London skyline, but surrounding the building is a busy transit hub that creates a hostile environment for pedestrians. The goal of this study was to create opportunities to make this area a destination for locals and tourists and reviving the underutilized buildings surrounding Centre Point. In our study we also explored the blending of the digital and natural landscapes to create places of "pause" and activity to revive the pedestrian experience